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That is Violence Campaign

Women with disability – who account for 20% of the Australian female population – are affected by domestic abuse and violence at a rate higher than other women. Women with disability also suffer from domestic violence for longer, waiting on average 3.3 years before reaching out for help, compared to an average of 2.3 […]

ACT Government responds to DVPC recommendations to improve supports for children and young people experiencing domestic and family violence

On 6 June the ACT Government released a response to the Domestic Violence Prevention Council report from the Extraordinary Meeting in 2018 about children and young people.

The report recommended action in five priority areas to further the ACT Governments capacity to understand and respond effectively to the needs of children and young people […]

Changes to the Safer Families Grants Program allow easier access to grants of up to $2,000 for people who have experienced domestic and family violence.

The ACT Government’s Safer Families Grants are a critical component of the government’s Safer Families package announced in 2016.  These grants are available to assist people who have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic and family violence to rebuild their lives, with a total of $409,000 in funding committed over four years in the 2018-19 budget. […]

Access to restorative justice expanded to victims of family violence and sexual offences

Minister for Justice, Shane Rattenbury announced that victims of family violence and sexual offences will now have access to the restorative justice process, following the commencement of phase three of the voluntary Restorative Justice Scheme. This will allow both victims and those responsible for offending the option to participate in a facilitated and supported conferencing […]