Financial resource for women leaving domestic violence in the ACT

Women experiencing domestic violence in the ACT (especially as parents) face pressures in managing their money and their financial situation which contributes to their isolation. They may make several attempts to leave a domestic violence relationship and may be forced to return for financial and economic reasons. Financial support and knowledge is frequently the difference between violence and safety for many women, and once they have left, separating their finances and financial obligations from their abusive partners is important to starting a new life.

Understanding who to talk to, how to safely plan for leaving, what needs to be considered and what support options are available all contribute to helping to support a woman to leave domestic violence. This resource aims to provide these women (and their friends or family members, or services who may be supporting them) with local, accessible and reliable information to help guide them with their specific needs, and to help improve their financial knowledge and access to support in the ACT.

A PDF copy of the full resource or Individual topic pages from the resource can be downloaded for viewing or printing at:’s-money-matters

The following ACT Policing brochures provide useful information that you may be able to use with your clients:

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