Addressing the needs of children and young people impacted by family violence

The Domestic Violence Prevention Council (DVPC) – the ACT Government’s peak advisory body on Domestic and Family Violence—will be convening an Extraordinary Meeting on 4 April 2018 which will  bring together people with a lived experience of family and domestic violence and members from the community sector, the Legislative Assembly and key players from across government directorates such as Education, Justice and Community Safety, Health, the Human Rights Commission, and the Police, amongst others.

This Extraordinary Meeting follows an historic gathering in 2015 which led to the Safer Families package being developed, and a number of new initiatives and reform strategies underpinned by the $21 million Safer Families Levy, and will focus specifically on the needs of Canberra’s children and young people at the recommendation of the DVPC.

It is recognised that children and young people can be profoundly impacted by violence in the home even when the violence is not directed at them, and that children can be lost in the complex response to family and domestic violence. It is also acknowledged that long term trauma and impacts of violence are not widely understood by parents or the service system.