The objective of the Domestic Violence Prevention Council (DVPC) is to reduce the incidence of domestic violence offences in the ACT.

  • The functions of the Council are to:
  • Monitor developments within and outside Australia of legislation, policy and community views on domestic violence and the provision of health and welfare services to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence offences;
  • to collect statistical and other information relating to domestic violence offences; and
  • inquire into and provide advice to the Minister on domestic violence matters referred to the Council by the Minister.

The Council also has a function to establish and maintain links with and among, and promote collaboration among, government agencies and non-government organisations1 in the ACT in order to:

  • assist and encourage those agencies and organisations to promote projects and programs aimed at enhancing the safety and security of victims of domestic violence offences, with particular regard to children; and
  • assist them to develop procedures for the collection, standardisation and sharing of statistical information relating to domestic violence offences.