The DVPC Strategic Plan supports the objectives of the DVPC to raise the ACT community’s understanding and awareness of family and domestic violence and to ensure that individuals and non-government and government organisations are supported to be able to take action.

The Plan recognises that while it is essential to continue working on better responses to existing violence against women and girls, it is also necessary to work to ‘stop it before it starts.’ Prevention is about identifying and addressing underlying causes of a problem, rather than only focussing on its results or ‘symptoms.’1   There is an emphasis on promoting awareness and educating the community in order to change the attitudes and behaviours that have allowed violence against women and children to continue.  This focus aims to develop a whole of community ownership of this issue in the ACT and to move the discussion of violence against women and their children from being viewed as a problem for women and the ‘domestic violence’ sector, to discussions about what role the ACT public, individuals, workplaces, sectors and organisations can take.

The Plan also recognises that, while the prevalence of violence against women remains high, the ongoing development of appropriate coordinated and integrated systems and services (including the criminal justice system) must also be a priority in order to continue to protect the safety of women and children, and to hold individual perpetrators accountable for their violence.

Domestic Violence Prevention Council Strategic Plan 2017-19