ACT Government releases three major reports into domestic and family violence

The ACT Government has released three reports on the impact of family violence on the ACT community and how our service system responds to this serious issue.

The reports are:

Report of the Inquiry: Review into the system level responses to family violence in the ACT by Laurie Glanfield AM

This Report of the Inquiry into the system level responses to family violence in the ACT outlines the nature of current responses to family violence and identifies opportunities for improvement to achieve better outcomes for ACT families.

Review of Domestic and Family Violence Deaths in the ACT by the Domestic Violence Prevention Council

This report presents the findings of a review of deaths that occurred as a result of domestic or family violence between 2000-2012 in the ACT. The review sought to provide a clearer picture of domestic and family violence in the ACT and provide advice to government to inform future decisions about violence prevention and detection mechanisms.

Domestic Violence Service System Gap Analysis Project Final Report by the Community Services Directorate

This report presents the findings of a gap analysis of the domestic violence service system in the ACT to look at current service delivery against best practice, with a focus on integration and collaboration.

The ACT Government is yet to respond to the three reports, but Chief Minister Andrew Barr promised a major package in next month’s budget.

1800RESPECT Support A Friend Campaign

1800RESPECT together with domestic violence advocates Rosie Batty and Geelong premiership player Jimmy Bartel, have launched a campaign to help Australians recognise the signs someone may be experiencing domestic violence and how best to support them.

The ‘Support a Friend’ campaign provides practical guidance to friends and family about warning signs to look out for and what they can do to safely support someone who has or is experiencing domestic violence including sexual assault.

The campaign features an informative video and infographic including a practical list of do’s and don’ts when supporting someone. You can watch the video below, and download the resources from the 1800RESPECT website.