Domestic Violence Orders on their own can make violence worse

ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner John Hinchey has warned some victims of violence may be placing themselves in danger if they rely solely on a court order for their protection.

Mother of three calls for stronger measures to protect victims of domestic violence

Living with the man who threatened to kill her felt safer for 28-year-old Canberra mother of three Kate than wondering what he might do if she left.

Justice system failing domestic violence victims: expert

The laws on domestic violence need to include “coercive control” to cover patterns of abusive behaviour, a Canberra academic says.

Time for Tony Abbott to step up and tackle domestic violence in Australia

While awareness of domestic violence has grown over recent years, government responses to the regular murders, terror and harm inflicted on large numbers of (mostly) women and children each day remain cruelly inadequate.

ACT government to strengthen domestic violence laws

The ACT government will strengthen laws to make it easier to prosecute domestic violence offenders.

Domestic violence law reforms a ‘knee-jerk reaction’, Canberra defence lawyers say

Bolstered domestic violence laws have been welcomed by victims of crime advocates while acknowledging there is more work to be done. But not everyone was in favour of the changes, with defence lawyers panning the reforms as a knee-jerk reaction that would not address the root cause of family violence.

Domestic violence sufferers ‘unnecessarily re-victimised’ under ACT’s protection order laws

Domestic violence sufferers who seek protective court orders in the ACT are being unnecessarily victimised and subjected to similar power and control tactics experienced at the hands of their violent partners at home, a report has found.

Canberra’s legal aid services experience huge spike in demand for domestic violence help

The rate at which Canberrans are accessing legal aid services for domestic violence matters has risen at an alarming rate.

Inaugural Walk For Tara against domestic violence attracts thousands

Tara Costigan’s family have urged Canberrans to keep their “voices loud” against domestic violence so others would not have to suffer as they have.

Online campaign calls for Canberrans to take action over domestic violence

Canberrans have been urged to speak up and take action if someone they know is a victim or perpetrator of domestic or sexual violence.