ACT’s domestic violence services stretched as reports peak during holiday period

The Executive Director of ACT’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service talked about a jump in demand for support services in December and January, with the service’s four-month “peak season” began in November.

Australian of the Year Rosie Batty calls on PM Tony Abbott to reinstate community services

Australian of the Year Rosie Batty has called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to reinstate lost funding to community services after cuts made in last year’s budget.

Prime Minister announces Advisory panel on violence against women

On 29 January the Prime Minister announced he had established an Advisory Panel on violence against women. Retiring Victorian Police Commissioner Mr Ken Lay APM, and the 2015 Australian of the Year, Ms Rosie Batty, have agreed to be the founding members of the panel.

He also announced that building on the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, the Commonwealth will seek the agreement of all states and territories to prioritise the implementation of a national Domestic Violence Order (DVO) scheme. Under the scheme, if a protection order is issued in one state, it will apply in all states. Work on a national DVO scheme commenced in 2014 and it must be a priority for COAG.


He also announced that development of national standards for how to intervene against perpetrators and hold them accountable will also be a priority, and that COAG will consider the enactment of a national approach to dealing with online safety and the misuse of technology, to protect women against newer forms of abuse.

Rosie Batty breaks down domestic abuse stereotypes with her bravery over son Luke’s murder

Rosie Batty’s Australian of the Year title would elevate the issue of domestic violence across the country – helping dispel the myth that it only happened in certain families, socio-economic groups or cultures, according to the ACT Domestic Violence Crisis Service.

What to say! – A new tool for responding to sexual violence – for women and in the workplace

The What to say website now includes two new sections – What to say for women and What to say for the workplace. These sections are designed to give women and co-workers the information they need to identify sexual violence, safe ways to respond and intervene if you experience or witness sexual violence, and advice on how to support someone who tells you they’ve experienced sexual violence. Each new section incorporates information about who to contact and will include regular blog posts over the summer about issues like sexual harassment, dating, work parties and nights out.